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  • I was playing your mobile app and my level and chips are different from when I play on my computer. How can I make them the same?

    It’s possible that your computer and mobile device are logged into different DoubleDown Casino accounts. If you wish to play from the same account on both computer and mobile device, you will need to ensure that your mobile device is logged into the same Facebook-linked account you use to play from your computer.

    Whenever you are playing on your mobile device, you have the option to play as a Guest or use your Facebook-linked account. Mobile Guest accounts are not accessible from a desktop computer.

    Your Guest account and your Facebook-linked account are two separate game accounts.  Therefore, your chips, level and other attributes will be different between the two accounts. They cannot be interchanged.

    If you want to switch between your Guest account and your Facebook-linked account:

    1. Once the casino lobby loads, select the “gear” icon on the top right of the screen and select Logout from the Settings menu.



    2. Select Facebook Login to sign into your Facebook-linked account. Select Play Now to log into your Guest account.

    Please note: We know that sometimes families will share a mobile device. If you are attempting to log in using a different Facebook account, you may need to log out of Facebook through the Facebook app before logging in as a different user.

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