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    Slot games are one of the most entertaining games to play at the DoubleDown Casino. Here is the information about how to play our slot games.

    1-      First, enter the slots lobby. If the default list lands on “Newest”, please use the drop down menu to see the other lists of games, such as “Popular” and “All Slots”.   

    2-      Select the game that you wish to play and then choose Classic or Tournament style to play.  

    3-      Select the number of lines you want to play.  All slots games default to one line.  You can use the “+” and “-“ buttons to increase or decrease the number of lines.  Each additional line increases the total wager.  Before you spin, double check that the WAGER amount matches your intended wager!

    If you want to maximize your chances of winning, play all lines by pressing MAX BET (or MAX).  Please keep in mind, clicking on the MAX BET will maximize the lines and start the first spin automatically.

    4-      Click on 'SPIN' to begin. If you wish to play using the Auto Play feature, please click on “AUTO”. Please note that the “Auto” button, if selected, will allow continuous play until a bonus round is reached. All symbols pay left to right, except scatters. In some games, such as DaVinci Diamonds scatters are also triggered left to right. Please make sure to check the pay table of the game that you are playing for rules, scatters and paylines.



    Payouts and Bonus Rounds

    The pay table explains the payout for all specific combinations.  Click on the 'Pay Table' button to see the specific pay lines for each game. If you don’t see the “Pay Table”, look for the “?” on the right corner at the bottom. Use the arrows to see the specific pay table and pay lines in each game.


    Jackpot: Nearly all our slot machines have a progressive jackpot, which means the jackpot keeps growing until someone wins it all, at which point the jackpot is reset and starts growing again. You can check the Progressive Jackpot amount from the main screen of the slots game you are playing:

    Bonus Round: Every slot machine features a bonus round. These bonus rounds can include Free Spins or Mini Games that offer additional opportunities to win chips. Instructions on how to get to the bonus round are featured on each slot machine’s opening instructions page and on the slot machine’s pay table. Read these instructions to find out how to reach the bonus round for a particular slot machine.


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