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  • How do I redeem a promotional code?

    To redeem a DoubleDown Casino promo code, simply click on the "Buy Chips" button in the casino which will take you to our pay wall:




    At the bottom of the pay wall, you will see the promo code box where you can redeem a single promotional code. Only one promotional code is allowed per purchase. To use the code, enter it in the box and make sure to hit the "Apply" button.

     Promotional codes can also be redeemed on your Android device (This feature is not available on iOS at this time). The button to redeem codes in the mobile app is called "Extra" but it accepts the same codes as the desktop "Promo code" box. You can find the "Extra" button at the bottom of the purchasing screen. 

    Not all promotional codes will apply to every chip package. Once you have applied the code, look at the list and make sure you have selected the chip package you wish to purchase to receive your discount.




    Once you have selected the package you wish to purchase, you can click the green "Continue" button to complete your purchase. 

    Not all promo codes are discounts! Some codes are not associated with a discount but rather add free chips to your account. In those cases, after entering the promo code you need only click the "Apply" button on the promo code box to get your chips!

    To redeem a promotion on mobile devices and desktop, please click on the link provided in the body of the promotion description.

    On mobile devices, you will now need to access our Facebook wall on your Facebook mobile application in order to see our promotion post and redeem them from the link provided there.

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